Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catch up!

I thought that getting married meant I'd be a crazy blogger; blogging about the half-dollar sized spiders in our garage and how Alex had splotches of long hair when he cut his hair for the first time, but instead, we have gotten caught up in a lot of new adventures...just the two of us soaking up the time together before we decide to start a family.

This summer, Alex and I have spent a majority of our free time outside. I have conquered my goal to form a love for running and Alex has been begging me to get into biking so we can go for long rides together. We spend most weekends either camping or backpacking/hiking... Here's a link my work wrote about one of our more recent backpacking trips: It is so fun to work for a company who endorses being active and trying new things and getting outside! I think we take that for granted a lot living in such a beautiful state as Utah. We go on Sunday drives a lot, especially now that we have the Subaru. I feel like I'm finally a true 'granola' ha ha. Alex always calls me a granola because of the food I make him...He is such a trooper to try all my healthy creations. This summer, we also started rock climbing. Alex is a tad bit scared of heights, and he says he's good with being my belayer for the rest of our lives, but I think he'll build enough courage to become an awesome climber! We have also travelled to Southern Utah for some red rock campin' and hikin' as well as meandered up thru Oregon for a fun weekend with my side of the family. At that reunion, there was a spread of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus. It was pretty nasty and spread quickly. Cute baby Jack got a severe case right when we got back and he was quite the sad baby!

So, to sum up, we have been a tad busy this summer with hiking, camping, climbing, weddings, vacationing, tending to our little dog who managed to tare not one, but BOTH of her ACL's, boating, wakeboarding, running, racing, rodeo-ing, and our quick trips to Heber to dream of our future ranch home while enjoying multiple stops at Dairy Keen! :) I think the biggest thing this summer (in my opinion) is Alex rock climbing for the first time. He conquered his extreme fear of heights and because of that, I have vowed to my husband that I will learn to Ski this winter as I have never set my feet into a pair of snow skis. I'd rather snowmobile down a mountain! :) I am quite scared, and hopefully we will be able to find some how to get a decent priced season pass or cheap one-time passes to be able to conquer my fear of skiing. Such a silly fear, but I really am terrified. I will definitely keep you posted on how that one turns out!

Adieu... for now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Introducing Mr. & Mrs....

We have finally caved and started our very first "Rogerson Family" blog! We have had such an exciting and fun adventure thus far and we are so excited to see what the future has in store for us!

We got married December 1, 2011 in the Draper Temple. It was such a beautiful/perfect day for us! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect. but we were able to spend our day with everyone we cared about the most... our closest friends and family were all able to make it to our wedding, and our family Wedding Dinner could not have been better. We rented out Pizzeria Limone in Fort Union and had limitless amount of gourmet italian pizza! It ended up being even better than anticipated! The Davidson clan are not the quietest bunch, so combined with the fun, outgoing Rogerson family, we had quite the party to say the least.

Our wedding reception was at Noah's in South Jordan. It was so fun to attend the most beautiful wedding reception I have ever been to and know that it was MY wedding! :) Anyone who knows my mother, knows that she is the most talented woman that God has ever created. With this in mind, I was certain that both of our wedding receptions would be breath-taking... if only that word was appropriate enough for the way things all turned out. Alex's aunt, Sherry, did all of our flowers in Utah and they were absolutley divine! I was blown away with how perfect my bouquet was and how pretty our centerpieces ended up being! My mom and Debbie did a lot of the decoration along with Debbie's best friend, Ellice. Those three woman are incredible! Noah's has never seen a prettier reception! (as you can guess, I'm still in awe!)

The weekend of our wedding was spent in Park City. I was pretty sick the few days before the wedding and after, so our wedding night was spent with Alex taking care of his new wife and running to the store at 4am to get medicine. We ended Park City a bit earlier than anticipated and came home to our cute little house that we love so much and took a day off work and life to just relax and get back into the swing of things.

The following weekend, we headed to Washington for a reception there! OH MAN! Who would have thought a cultural hall....yes, cultural hall, could look so stunning?!?! Alex, Kim Empey and my dad hung a chandelier above my gorgeous wedding cake (needless to say, hanging a chandelier in a church gym is not only difficult but near impossible...these men never cease to amaze me). It was so great to see all my closest friends that I don't get to see often! My biggest regret of the entire wedding as a whole is that I did not get any photos in Washington! By the time the line slowed down, it was already time to clean up and head home for the night. I do still have the bouquet my mother made up there. I requested her to use silk flowers so I can have one bouquet in my house. THAT was one of my smartest decisions with my wedding.

That night Alex and I stayed at the wonderful Woodward Inn ;). Mom & Dad's house is fairly small, so Krista offered up her house and of course we had the greatest treatment anyone has ever received at a five-star Bed and Breakfast! It was a bit funny to stay in Jenna's old bedroom as that is where most of our hang out nights were in High School... sitting on her bed or computer and all hanging out. Six years later, I'm staying there with my husband...crazy how much our lives change in such a small amount of time! Our stay there was short for in the morning, we found ourselves at the Pasco airport heading for California....Mexico bound!

(honeymoon & pictures to come!)